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Village in Italy

Oil on canvas.

Fishing Boat


Newlyn Field Towards Tredavoe

18" x 14", Oil on canvas.

Christmas Nativity Scene Jerusulem

Oil on board. 9" x 6". Private Collection. 1988.

Pottery - Plate

1992. 11" diameter.

Hand Made Pottery - to Celebrate Grandson Tommie

1992. Glazed pottery.

Oil Rig North Sea

Design on 12" plate. Glazed and fired at kiln Trevatha, Newlyn. Done in recognition of North Sea divers from Cornwall who supported industry in North Sea - for Shell, BP and other companies. 1998. (private collection)

Guest painting St Loy - part of Mounts Bay Arts Centre excursion

Pastel 1990.12" x 8".

St Michael's Broad Street Charleston South Carolina

Oil Painting ~1995. Sold in USA.

Woodland and Lake

Oil on board. Sold. Image from photo found Dec 2015.