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Morehead City USA

Oil on Canvas. Large. Image found Nov 2015.

Wood and Lake

Unknown location. Oil on canvas. Sold.

Boats Guenole Brittany 1982

Oil on Board. Recorded as sold at auction 2012 WH Lane 38cm x 24 cm. Painted on second ever holiday abroad in Europe with family - staying in Concarneau (twinned with Newlyn-Penzance).

View from St Pauls Cathedral London

Circa 2000. Pastel on paper (sold - image from photo found by family June 2015)

Thames London Embankment City

Pastel on paper (sold - image from photo found by family June 2015)

Jesus - Easter Scene

Painted for the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Penzance ~year 2000. Normally bought out and placed with altar during Easter mass. Measures 60" x 26". Oil on canvas. Scene has Mounts Bay in the background adding local flavour to Easter scene. Also includes local gorse bushes in flower and Montarray Pines common in West Cornwall.

Country House Brittany France

Painted during a Bernard Evans organised painting holiday in the 1990s. For Sale WH Lane auction house 12 March 2015. Oil on board. 13" x 8".

Boats At Port Sant Angelo Ischia Italy

1989. 18 1/2" x 14 1/2" For sale e-Bay Feb 2015

Plymouth Harbour Jetty

Painted Circa Oct 2012. Oil on canvas. 24" x 36"

Plymouth harbour

Oil on Canvas. Painted October 2012. 26" x 34"