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Lisa Mae Evans - Prize Winner "West Cornwall Decorative & Fine Art Society" 21 June 2016 - Portrait of Beth

On Tuesday 21 June at 6pm, Lisa Mae Evans was awarded the prestigious "West Cornwall Decorative & Fine Art Society" 2016 Prize for Best Art from the Truro and Penwith College - Arts & Design – the overall art top prize. The award ceremony – which was a surprize for all candidates – took place at the Private Viewing at the Art Exhibition Tent on Penzance Seafront (part of the Mazey Weekend Festival Celebrations).


The award was made for art produced during Lisa Mae’s Art & Design Diploma at the Penwith College in Penzance. Lisa Mae would like to thank her instructors, staff and fellow students and friends including Beth  who posed for the artwork - at the college for their support through the last two years. Lisa Mae would also like to thank "West Cornwall Decorative & Fine Art Society" - who support, encourage and sponsor the Truro and Penwith College art programmes.  


In September Lisa Mae will start a three-year Degree in Animation at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield near London – her top choice for further education.   


Enclosed is a photograph of Lisa Mae and Lizzie Le Grice (Chair of the West Cornwall Decorative & Fine Art Society) presenting the prize.


The Cornishman were also there to interview Lisa Mae for a local newspaper article – expected to come out either Thurs 23 or Thurs 30 June.


The Prize is a quantity of money, the statue for the year, with Lisa Mae's name engraved for 2016, and nomination to exhibit the main painting at the Mall Galleries in London. Lisa Mae will find out of her painting has been successful in being exhibited in London this later summer.


Lisa Mae is available for portrait commissions – email: – having done about 12 in the last year, something of a speciality.


Lisa Mae’s art is also exhibited at the Tyler Gallery in Mousehole – through Essex Tyler (see link below).


Enclose some links to:


Lisa Mae prize giving


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Mall Galleries


Lisa Mae Evans’s website


Truro and Penwith College


Lisa Mae YouTube


Tyler Gallery
































Portrait of Beth  30" x 20". Oil on Canvas. Lisa Mae Evans. March 2016.








































Lizzie Le Grice awards 1st prize to Lisa Mae Evans - 21 June 2016















































Lisa Mae in front of the painting of Beth

























Lisa Mae's full portfolio  of artwork considered for the Prize and her Diploma in Art & Design. 21 June 2016.